Wednesday, March 21, 2012

World For Majors 2012

This spring there are 14 energetic students who are English majors, minors, or “Fellow Travelers” who will be blogging as part of their requirements for the course. You can follow their blogs to the right.

As a World Classics class, we will be using the literary traditions of non-Western writers to explore how language is used to enlighten, influence, define, and entertain. The class will be doing a good deal of reading, critical thinking, and writing in order to make connections and distinctions between twentieth-century writers from Africa, South America, The Middle East, India, and Asia.

As an introduction to the major, this class will be thinking about genres, approaches to literature, literary terms, and literary movements. Also, this class will help students make educated and informed choices about how or why to pursue a degree in English, what track to follow, and what the English degree can do for them beyond their time at Mercyhurst.

I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to say. Why not check it out yourself?

Friday, March 18, 2011

World Classics Student Blogs

The 10 students in my spring 2011 World Classics will be blogging as part of their course requirement. I'll provide links to their sites here. The goal of this blog assignment is to provide students with opportunities to explore issues raised during class discussions, expand on ideas from the readings, and reflect on the culture they are experiencing. My hope is that these blogs will provide us with a space to make connections between the readings we are doing and the experiences we are having in class and in the world around us.